Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Easy come, Easy go

Word of the day: Easy

We are all obsessed with making things easy in our over-scheduled, crazy, hectic lives.
That word, easy, can have so many different meanings.
It can diffuse a tense situation. "Easy now big fella!"
A way to say goodbye. "Take is easy."
It means a promiscuous woman. "She slept with him. She is so easy."
It is a very informal greeting used in England to ask how are you. "Easy bruv."
And of course, the regular meaning not difficult. "This test is so easy."

Even though this seems to be something we all strive and hope for, during class we were told when teaching and you say to a child, "It's so easy". What they hear is "You're stupid. Why don't you get it?!" Everyone has different perceptions and we all need to be careful and think about the things we say.

The easy life is not a new concept. There are so many sayings revolving around this easy theme as well:
"A piece of cake"
"Like taking candy from a baby"
"Shooting fish in a barrel"
And of course...
"As easy as pie"

Why pie? Who decided that this saying was appropriate. If you've ever tried to make pie, you wouldn't agree that pie is easy. The only thing easy about pie is burning the crust...and eating the pie. Unless of course you cheat and buy the crust and a can of filling. Voila! Easy as pie!

I've also heard "As easy as slicing key lime pie." Again, another pie reference. What makes key lime pie so easy to slice? Pumpkin, chocolate, or butterscotch would be just as easy I'm sure.

I know these sayings came years before the American Pie scene with Jason Biggs. But, I'm pretty sure we can all agree...that warm apple pie was so easy.

The saying should be changed to "As easy as warm apple pie." Just a thought....

I guess some things just aren't so easily defined.

Having said that, I'm gonna go eat some pie.

Who wants pie?!

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