Thursday, October 4, 2012

Arts and Crafts - not just for kids

When I started pinning on Pinterest, I was a mad woman. I pinned and liked everything I could click on. As time progressed and I still hadn't completed ONE THING from all my pins and boards, I lost interest. It no longer gave me the rush it once did because I was depressed that once again, I was not completing lists. (I LOVE crossing things off lists and completing projects).

However, slowly...Pinterest crept back into my life. Opportunities came up for me to actually do some of the projects I had thought about pinning, but didn't and only bookmarked on my computer to later use because I didn't want to be a Pinterest poser. 

Pinterest Poser: pin-trest/po-zer 
Noun: a person who constantly pins items to boards but doesn't know if they'll work or how to do them.

But now I can pin them! And I can write comments below stating their use and how they worked! Success! This was so exciting! So many exclamation points!

Remember how much fun you had in elementary school when your teacher would have you create some very cool project and how good it felt to see it come to life and know that you, yes you, were the mastermind behind it? No?! Well I do! I have been having so much fun doing arts and crafts the past little while I've contemplated creating an Etsy account. (Not really).

Below please see my Pinterest creations and I've included the original website so you too can create these magical wonders. Note: I am not a photographer. In fact, all these pictures were taken from my phone so yes, they are of poor quality. But be aware, everything tasted awesome. Looked awesome. I am awesome.

The first pinterest project. Marriage Survival Kit. So much fun to do and so easy to make. The original found here is great but I made changes, additions and adjustments to make it work for me.

*This is very important in any relationship.

Yes I made the 52 Reasons I Love You Cards. Yes I am a sap. But they turned out so well thanks to the detailed information on this webpage. The only thing I did different and it turned out REALLY well was printing them on labels! No glue necessary and easy to do.

I did this for my friend's birthday with her and her new husband's wedding song. They turned out beautiful. They are pretty easy to do too. The only issue I ran into was the program I was using. I don't have In Design as the original post suggests, but I made it work...In Excel nonetheless!

These Funfetti Cake Balls were delicious! My G Man just had his birthday and confetti cake is his favourite so I wanted to try something new. I did come across a few hiccups though but they were my fault. For one, don't try to add milk to melted white chocolate chips. Also, make sure you have enough candy coating.

These Turkey Lasagna Rolls don't look good from this picture I know. But oh man...they were! Plus I made them a little lower in fat - bonus! I actually merged 3 different recipes so they're all listed below. I can post the recipe but I'll save that for another day.

So just do it! Tap into your inner Martha Stewart and whip up some of those Pinterest ideas. Some will fail, but the successful ones make up for it. Plus it feels really good when people ask "You made this! Where did you get this idea/recipe?!" And you get to reply back enthusiastically "PINTEREST!" It never fails to impress.

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  1. You are cute as a button! I'm going to make a button craft for you AS I eat your fun fetti balls and stare at my awesome artwork on the wall! yay Cheddar Bob!