Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Whatever happened to predicitability?

The car ride home after a big night out, nursing a hangover and struggling to stay awake can be a long one. Unless you have a trip down memory lane and start singing theme songs from your favourite television shows. Of course, these shows were those of our childhood and mainly from the 90s. Growing up in the 90s reminds me of a few things. Pop culture crazes that made no sense (Pogs anyone?), music that will forever bring up nostalgic memories, overalls and family oriented television shows.

Let's touch on one of those at a time. The toys or fads that we became obsessed with. Trading pogs and hockey cards became my full time job when I was a kid. Times were simpler. We were completely entertained by things made of cardboard. Also, one of my favourite games was Dream Phone. Remember that one? I still love it. In fact, when I came back from Taiwan 2 years ago some friends visited me at home and we broke out the game. It still worked and it still angered me when boys would say "I know who it is and I'm not telling, ha ha." Jerk.

The music of the 90s is definitely considered classic in my books. It may have not caused a revolutionary change but it's when I started to really discover music on my own. Hello Nirvana and Alanis. But of course we can't forget the other end of the spectrum. Those candy covered gems of pop music. Britney, N'Sync and BSB.

I used to wear overalls, A LOT. I had jean ones, polyester ones, blue ones, green ones, short ones, skirt ones and yes, corduroy ones. I'm not sure why overalls were all the rage. Maybe they weren't and I just REALLY liked overalls.

Which brings me to the television shows. The theme songs that we know all the words to and recognize immediately. Fresh Prince, Full House, Family Matters, Blossom, Saved by the Bell. Who of us can't rap the entire Fresh Prince theme? It makes us all believe we are rap stars. We are not, by the way. The beauty of these shows was also how they always had a lesson to learn or moral of the story at their conclusion.

Have you ever listened to the themes of Full House and Family Matters closely? I'm not sure how it took me so long to realize the similarities in the 2 songs. But, after a little research, I discovered the singer/writer is in fact the same person. Mystery solved.

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