Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What's in a name?

Menace...Rattle...Dirt Squirrel...Cups...Whacker...Skent...Boog...One-Nad...Slur...Buzzard...

These are just some of the nicknames I've come across and use on a regular basis. This blog in particular is named after my alter ego - Cheddar Bob. Not all my friends use this or are even aware of my nickname. But, as a few people have asked me about this recently, I thought I'd dedicate a blog to it.
How the name came about is a bit of a mystery itself - even to me. It's not because I like cheese - although I certainly do enjoy a cheesy treat from time to time. It somehow morphed from my first name (there may have been drinks involved). The "Bob" was added later because, well - doesn't it just roll off your tongue? The name comes from a certain group of friends very well known for their nicknames. In fact, when I first started meeting new people around the area, for the longest time I didn't even know their real names. I still get it mixed up from time to time.
The highlight of my nickname happened on my birthday when a favourite band of mine sang "Better with Cheddar" while I rocked out onstage. The traditional "Happy Birthday" now pales in comparison.
Although I have a few nicknames that may or may not get used regularly (Teeter, Carebear, Cakes etc.) this is the one that's stuck. And, I must say, I've grown quite fond of it...all you need is cheese!

Editor's Note: I have never seen the movie 8 Mile but just googled the name "Cheddar Bob". I have never, nor will, shoot myself in my crotch.

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