Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vampires and witches and ghosts, oh my!

Aaah...October! That wonderful time of year when Halloween rolls around and you get to play make believe and play dress up like a kid again.

As kid growing up it was all about how much candy you could score and stuff in your face successfully before bedtime. For the bonafide country gal that I am...a pillowcase full meant it was a good year.

Now as an 'adult' it's all about who has the most creative costume and can stay in character while funnelling beers.

Last year when I was in Taiwan, working on Halloween night (yuck!), I realized that the differences in culture mean HUGE differences in Halloween culture. Over there on that tiny island, costumes were all about the guts, gore and blood. One of the teachers had a REAL pig's heart on a platter as part of their costume...in an elementary school. If that isn't dedication, I don't know what is.

I have noticed there are generally 3 types of costumes that pop up.

1. Traditional Halloween (scary and/or bloody)

2. Sexy/Slutty Halloween (the more cleavage, leg, or skin, the better)

3. Funny Halloween (creativity and orginality rule)

Now I'm not saying the 3 are mutually exclusive, they can overlap. Everyone loves a slutty, bloody undead bride right?! What I would like to know is...when did it become appropriate to go out in public wearing lingerie or underwear while sporting some bunny ears and calling it a costume? Halloween can be a chilly time of year...cover up, or at least keep warm with a good flask.
I tend to lean toward the third costume trend. Keeping in mind comfort and the ability to dance with drink in hand. Happy costume hunting!

Health care obivously isn't their forte.

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