Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fear and Loathing in my basement

Here I sit, on a Thursday afternoon, waiting in fear. About an hour ago I saw a HUGE spider in the corner. At first I thought my eyes were just playing tricks on me...but no, there it was, walking around like it owned the place. Actually it was big enough to have it's own room. So I quickly darted to my room to grab something to bash it with. I found a boot....perfect! But of course, the spider was nowhere to be seen. I creeped over to the corner and moved the table around in hopes it would pop it's head out....but not jump up on me. Nothing. So I have been sitting on the couch staring across the room at this corner, boot by my side, waiting for about an hour. I'm suppose to be studying. So if I fail this exam's obviously because the spider ruined my concentration.
Yes, I know it's silly to be scared of spiders...most would say. They're tiny, you're huge, what are they going to do to you. They're more scared of you than you are of them....blah blah blah. They're just gross okay. Chalk that one up to another irrational fear.
Speaking of irrantional fears...
The other day I ran out of gas. I know what you're do you run out of gas? You must be an idiot. Blondes....(Mom don't give me that look....).
But, in my defence, my gas gauge is broken and I go by kilometers. I just happened to overestimate how far I could go. Now I know, lesson learned. But, to top it all off, my cell phone was dead, at home, and I did not have my wallet on me. Thankfully my friend had his cell phone and I called my roommate (aka Glen the hero) and she came to our rescue.
But before she came, we did sit there for a good 40 minutes or longer and noone pulled over to help. This did not surprise me. If I was driving on a highway and saw a car with it's 4-ways on, in no way am I pulling over to help. I know how to jump a battery and have cables, and I'm pretty sure I could change a tire...there's instructions right? But to me, there is a greater chance of some creep abducting me, than of me being of use to them. That's what cell phones and CAA are for (or AAA for my American friends).
However, I do recall a moment driving to school with 2 of my roommates and her muffler tried to make a getaway. So us 3, 20-something girls pulled over, got out of the car, looked at the sad, hanging muffler, and scratched our heads. Luckily, some nice man pulled over and told us to put it in the trunk...we'd be fine to drive for a bit. So thanks for the advice random man, but no, I would not do the same for you, even in broad daylight.

So if you're pulled over on the side of the road, I'm sorry but I'm not going to be one of those kind random strangers that comes to your aid. Or, if you have a spider problem I am not the one to call.

Note: As I was writing this, the spider reappeared and I, the stronger and smarter of the two, prevailed. I'm sorry to say, in the making of this blog, spiders were harmed.

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