Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Accidentally on Purpose

People say to live your life with purpose. Knowing that purpose is not an easy thing to figure out. But, I try to partake in activities that will help my education, career, knowledge or simply help me grow. I surround myself with great family and friends that I love and love me back and that help me be a better person. I'd like to think I live my life with purpose.

Living life with purpose..deep right? But, who has the time to soul search and figure out all that we are. It's a nice thought but I'm more of a believer in the chaos theory. I think random occurances happen which lead us in the right direction. These accidents are what shape us, as long as we find how to benefit from those accidents.

There are so many things in life that are not on purpose or that happen "by accident". Babies, car accidents, breaking a glass, forgetting your anniversary..some big, some small, good, or bad, accidents are bound to happen. The best thing you can do is just roll with it.

Of course there are also those 'accidents' that happen for a reason or on purpose. I like to call this accidentally on purpose.

That waitress that 'accidentally' spilled your drink on you. Was it an accident? Stop being so rude to servers. They have a tough job.

'Accidentally' letting a secret slip out you weren't suppose to tell. Admit it. You love gossip. You can't keep a secret. It's your friends fault really for telling you that information.

Baking a batch of cupcakes and 'accidentally' eating most or all of them. Why did you make cupcakes anyway? You wanted them, don't lie.

My favorite 'accidentally on purpose' moment happens most often during the summer. There is something about the summer that just calls out my name to be drinking on a patio or beach.

On a hot day there is nothing more satisfying than lounging around lazily drinking an ice cold beer or other beverage of choice. Before you know it, you've had one too many drinks and you're 'accidentally drunk.'

So go ahead and live your life with purpose...but take full advantage of those upcoming lazy summer days where you find yourself accidentally drunk on a Tuesday afternoon.

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