Sunday, June 5, 2011

Life in Transition

Ever since I started university, my life has been constantly in transition. Every year I have had to move, apply and look for new jobs, and even transferring schools. You would think that with all the moving my packing skills would improve. But instead I have gotten very good at learning to live out of a suitcase and never really settling down.

Over the past year I have met amazing people and been able to do some amazing things. People come in and out of your life. Some stay forever, some only for a short time. But they all make their own imprint.

Now that I am officially a teacher it's kind of like having 2 passports. There are so many options and choices for teachers all over the world, especially when you have nothing to tie you down. I've never been very good at making decisions. I'm full of plans and ideas, but the hard part for me is deciding on a path and sticking to it. Some people might say that I think about things too much and I should just choose and path a stick to it. It's the choosing part that's hard.

So now, as I unpack all my stuff and am starting to get settled into 'home' life with the family again, my mind can't help but wander to somewhere else. I want to travel to so many different places. The easy way to get there would be to get a job in that particular place of course. But at my age of 26 I feel like I should be starting my career in Ontario. So you can see how hard it is for me to choose what's best!

I'll never be done with school. That's the beauty of being a teacher. But I guess I am officially a grown up. (When did that happen?) I'm not exactly financially independent (the roommate situation speaks for itself - Mom and Dad), but I am emotionally and mentally independent. I'm ready for my career to start and my 'grown up' life to begin. It would be so much easier if someone would just hire me! Or if someone would just tell me what to do or make my decision for me!

I've learned a lot about myself recently having to let go and move on. The best thing I can do is be prepared for anything and to just go forward. Bring on the next chapter...

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