Sunday, July 3, 2011

Overeducated, underemployed, overqualified?

I was officially done school April 28 of this year and I spent the next two months frantically applying to jobs. Any job. Now believe me, none of these jobs were to be a rocket scientist or anything but for some reason I had zero callbacks. And, I've had steady jobs since I was 16. So for ten years I had been working only taking time off when I went to school.

After two weeks I was very frustrated with the whole process and not having any feedback from employers was making me lose hope. You can imagine how much my frustration had mounted after two months of this process. I was ready to accept my bum status and had a piece of cardboard ready for signage.

I knew I needed to do something about my situation. I was becoming jaded and angry. How could a person with two degrees and experience working full time not be getting interviews? I no longer felt optimistic and positive about it. And I am just a positive person. I was feeling the economic punch in the stomach after only 2 months. I can't imagine people with a family who are going through this. I'm lucky that I had an out. Move back home with my parents. Which is what I did.

I sucked up my pride and packed up my stuff and made the move once again to my childhood home. It felt somewhat like admitting defeat. But I definitely made the right choice. Within two weeks of moving back with my new roommates, I had two interviews. I think they could smell the desperation.

So once again I'm feeling positive about the future with my two jobs. I've been applying to teaching jobs that have been opeing up. So, while I wait for my teaching career to start I am perfectly content spending my days working and at the beach. Yes, I live close to a beach. You can go ahead and be jealous now. Everything is coming up Cheddar.

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