Thursday, August 18, 2011

Doesn't anybody date anymore?

I feel a bit like Drew Barrymore's character from He's Just Not That Into You with this blog post but, what the hell. You know..when she's shopping with Scarlett Johansson's home wrecking character talking about how dating has changed. I have to say I couldn't agree more.

Lately I've been feeling a bit like a 'one date wonder'. I go on a nice date with a nice guy and have a nice time. Doesn't that sound boring? Sure they want to go out again. How could you blame them? I'm a good time. There just hasn't been any sparks lately. I believe in the spark. I don't think it's made up to confuse women. You need to have that gut feeling that not only are you attracted to this person, you actually like hanging out with them and you eagerly await that moment when he's going to lean in and kiss you.

I've also noticed that noone wants to admit that they are actively searching for someone or looking to date. Everyone wants to downplay it and just "hang out", "go for coffee", "grab a couple drinks." I mean, my god can you imagine if the person actually knew you liked him/her? The horror! But let's face it. Drinks and/or food + 2 single people + 'hanging out' = date. You're on a date. Admit it and breathe.

It's so easy now to hide behind technology. You meet this person whom you think is cute and seemed funny at the bar (or wherever you met). You exchange numbers, you text or talk on the phone for a bit and then you plan to *gasp* meet face to face again.

Once you do see each other again, it's not the same. This person was much more charming via text or seemed much cuter in the poorly lit bar with alcohol in my system. Don't judge me. I'm not a bitch, I swear. I'm much too nice of a person to just bail on them. So I carry on with this 'date' and the conversation is fine but I know I'm not interested. So then I feel like a bitch when I don't want to go out again. (The whole "let's just be friends" line seems to have run it's course).

I miss the days of grade 7 when you asked someone 'out'. Of course the only place you went out to was recess. But, you were official. He liked you and you liked him. It was a proclamation of your feelings.

Now the only guys that will actually ask you one a real date are too drunk to remember.

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