Thursday, September 29, 2011

Girl crushes are a healthy form of's science

A friend of mine recently gave me a HUGE compliment by comparing me to Chelsea Handler. Now, as my friends are basically my only readers and by default my biggest fans - this means a lot to me. Not only is this awesome because Ms. Handler is hilarious and successful, but she happens to be one of my celebrity girl crushes. (Yes I have more than one. I like to keep my options open). Now, of course I know, I in no way hold a candle to Chelsea Handler and her writing and/or comedic abilities, nor do I share her love of tiny people. But, I appreciate the boost to my ego nonetheless.

I first fell in love after seeing some episodes of Girls Behaving Badly. I always love watching and listening to a truly funny woman. So many of them get it wrong. My little crush grew after reading her book "My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands". Her writing and humour is so raw, honest and at times, slightly disturbing. Right up my alley.

Not for the faint of heart or sexually modest.

I just recently purchased her latest "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang" and can't wait to rip into it. I know I'm going to have awkward laugh out loud moments in public and can't wait to do so. I feel so lucky to be able to watch her nightly on her show Chelsea Lately and listen to her degrade and humiliate others. Thank you for that Ms. Handler.

My second celebrity crush is another successful auther and commedianne. Tina Fey. I have always loved her admittedly nerdy style and self-deprecating humour. She is truly a successful and smart business woman. Her stints on "Weekend Update" during Saturday Night Live were enough to prove she had what it takes.

We truly are blessed to be able to watch her weekly on 30 Rock. I often scare my parents, ahem, roommates, by my raucous laughter into thinking I'm dying or that the world is ending. No, no, just uncontrollably laughing.

During the summer I swiftly read through "Bossypants" and found it hard to contain myself from laughing out loud on the beach. I knew it would be a good read when in the book store I started giggling after one of the first few lines. Well done.

Every awkward adolescent should read this.

Not many people can send me into fits of uncontrollable laughter and Ms. Fey, you are one of the lucky ones.

I have a strong admiration for the comedic (although very different) styles of these women. They are extremely crush-worthy.

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