Monday, October 31, 2011

Sugar High

Growing up in the boonies, my Halloween experience was so much different than town or city kids. One year I went into a town to do trick or treating so I know from first hand experience both the subtle and obvious differences. As a country kid, you needed your parents everytime. They drove you from house to house because walking was out of the question. (It would take you an hour to reach 2 houses). Also, you knew everyone's house you went to. There was no fear of poisoned candy or homemade treats. In fact, one of the best spots handed out homemade caramel corn! The best candy is of course in the country. We took around pillowcases stuffed with goodies because people handed out an insane amount of sugary goodness. Full size chocolate bars, cans of pop, and very large treat bags. So unnecessary. So awesome. We don't do fun-size here.

But, there was a downfall, because you knew everyone a visit was in order. There were pictures taken, 10 minute long conversations between parents and your driver often received treats themselves in the form of cold beverages. Also, the time between houses took all night long. You had to make sure to visit family and friends who often live far away from each other. But you can't risk offending anyone, so you stopped in to everyone. Luckily, the kids are so jacked up on sugar and candy that staying up past your bedtime wasn't an issue.

Halloween as an adult is very different of course. You curse the delicious candy that is leftover in your house as you munch. Instead of wearing a snowsuit underneath your costume, you pride yourself on how much skin you can show and be tough about it. (Even though it's snowing). And, it's the weekend before for the grown ups that has them dressing up in ridiculous clothing they would normally never wear.

Love this new picture idea. Horsemanning - just in time for Halloween! Thank you Ellen Degeneres for introducing this to me.

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