Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm a Big Kid Now

After countless part-time or "filler" jobs and contract jobs with an expiration date and two degrees, I am beyond happy to report I finally have a real job. The full time kind with benefits and everything! It only took me about 27 years. I'm very lucky in that the whole job really fell into my lap. It completely took me by surprise but I've always loved surprises. The whole process went something like this:

Former boss calls me on Family Day. "Are you currently working?"
Me: "Kind of."
FB: "Would you like to come in and chat about a position that has opened up?"
Me: "Sure! See you Wednesday."

A few days are between the phone call and the meeting. I really have no expectations leading up to this because to me a 'chat' is a very informal and indefinite thing.

FB: "This is basically the job would be responsible for.... Would something like this interest you?"
Me: "Yes definitely. Especially with teaching not really being much of an option around here I would be interested in exploring other options."
FB: "Well you were the first person I thought of when this opened up. We're not even going to post it if you're interested."
Me: "I'm definitely interested."
FB: "Great. The salary is blah blah blah...benefits.... Do we have a deal?"
Me: (At this point my stomach is flip flopping and I just want to jump up and down). "Yes. Sounds great!"
FB: "Perfect! You just made my week!"
Me: "Best Wednesday ever!"

After that initial meeting I was so giddy that something had finally gone my way. It is so frustrating to apply to literally hundreds of jobs (some of which you are overqualified for) and not hear a lot back in return. I'm surprised I was able to walk out of that building without running around or dancing like a madwoman. I just finished my first week there and I really do love it. It's something stable in my life but it also is a job that I am able to put my expensive education to use. Who woulda thunk it?

As the self-proclaimed spokeswoman for the "Peter Pan Generation" of my small group of friends, 'growing up' into a functioning adult seemed unncessary. Career...It'll happen someday. Family of my own...I'm too young for that! But as it turns out, I'm not too young. Do I really want to live with my parents forever? No of course not. (I'm sure you can hear my mom yelping with excitement and high fiving my dad as she reads that). Not all 20 somethings are desperately avoiding the real world of course. There are those that are married, settled and basically have their shit together. I'm not exactly sure why our generation feels the need to hold on to our youth for so much longer. Possibly we're scared. Scared of making mistakes our parents have made. Unhappy or trapped in their jobs or even divorce. But, I am sure that it feels pretty good waking up every morning not wondering if I'll be able to pay my bills.

This full time job thing isn't so bad after all.

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