Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Lovin'

When most people are asked their favourite season, probably the vast majority say Summer. (Especially all my teacher friends out there.) I can't wait for 2 months of freedom and debauchery when I am finally a professional teacher. That is after all why we become teachers right? (Don't worry I'm kidding. I'm not one of those.)
Summer is when us Canadians crawl out from the darkness, blinking into the sunlight and spend 2 glorious months frolicking in the sun, splashing around in the water and shot gunning beers. Ah the simple pleasures in life.

So even though, yes I love summer, this blog is dedicated to everything I hate about this time of year.

1. Too much is happening:

I have not had a weekend to myself since the beginning of June. Every Friday and Saturday night has been booked weeks in advance for various events. So even if something cool pops up unexpectedly, the chances of me being able to attend are slim. That cool festival I wanted to go to? Sorry - I've got a shower that day. That band I've wanted to see for years? Can't - family reunion. Summer is prime time for random road trips and crazy adventures. But I can't go, I have baseball. At least most of the events are in fact fun and I have a good time. It's just slightly stressful to have so much going on. It's tough being popular. 

2.  I can't save money:

Saving that ever important dollar is hard in the summer. There is so much fun stuff happening and so much to do (*see above) and it all costs money. I thought happiness was free? Well not in this case.

3. Bathing suits:

Yes, I'm pretty sure everyone has this fear at this time of year. In the Spring the gym is busier and people are getting their bikini bodies ready for the beach. Well, Summer is also the time of year when beer has never tasted better. Especially my new love of Somersby. Have you heard of it? It's so delicious and full of sugar apparently. YUM!
But beer is not your friend during bathing suit season. You can be like me and drink as much beer as you want and avoid the beach at all costs. It's really the only solution.

4. It's hot out there:

Yep, it's summer. Yep, it's hot. I'm not complaining about the heat (how cliche would that be?). I do hate what the heat does to me though. I am a very sweaty person. Two minutes outside in humid weather and I am dripping in places I didn't even know had sweat glands. Wearing makeup is useless. There's no point in making my hair look all pretty. It's going to be in a ponytail in a few hours. Needless to say, I am very attractive in the summer.

5. The beach:

You are sitting in the hot boiling sun (*see #4). You are forced to wear minimal clothing (*see #3). There is sand everywhere. It gets in everything. Stuck to you, in your pockets, in your bag and somehow in other very strange places. Sand is the devil's handywork.

6.  Work:

The pace slows down at the workplace. I get distracted easily (this blog was in fact written during work hours). I have to work very hard to look busy.
Also, our hours change and we have to start earlier! Sure we get finished earlier too but it is surprisingly hard to get up and going for a 30 min change in time. Plus, I don't holidays yet and work really gets in the way of all the fun things I have planned.

So there it is. My grinch/scrooge take on Summer. Love it or hate it.

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  1. I agree with everything you've listed. Summer is awesome! But it does have its downsides.