Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh the Humanity

There are times, more often as of lately, you read a news article, hear a radio clip or watch a video and think "What is wrong with people?" Most recently a friend of mine told me about a news headline that made us laugh reading it out loud.

"Daycare staff charged with running toddler fight club"

A toddler fight club? I cannot even imagine those cute, little 3 year olds whaling on each other, let alone what the rules would be for this fight club.

#1. You do not talk about toddler fight club.
#2. You DO NOT talk about toddler fight club.
#3. If someone cries, you still fight.
#4. No pinching. Only punching.

Most sane, rational and moral people cannot fathom this as a real thing. Sadly it is. The news article can be found here:

The Hands of our Future will never be the same.

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