Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Peter Pan Syndrome

I don't wanna grow up.

So many of my friends are having kids, getting married, moving in together, starting their careers, etc etc. Sure I'm 25. Sure, if this were 20 years ago I'd be married, with a job (or not) and have probably 3 kids already. But this is 2011 and that's just not the trend. Not that I think one way is right or not.

As of recently a lot of people have been telling me I need to get ready to join the "real world". Am I not living in this world already? And who says I have to. Taxes, mortgages, c-sections, divorce...doesn't sound all that great to me.

I think going to school for longer just sets us all up for disappointment and failure in the long run. Sure we may get a better paying job, learn more about the world....but we're also forced to be "teenagers" for much longer than ever imagined or meant to be. No job, few responsibilities, drinking throughout the week....tough one. I blame society.

It's true, in about 4 months I will graduate. I will be a certified teacher. So will thousands of other hopeful Canadians. In truth, the odds of finding a job right away are mostly nonexistant. Our professors tell us that. They are basically trying to scare away people from the program because there's so many of us.

I have no idea what I'm going to do upon graduation. Move back home? Get a waitressing job to tie me over? That doesn't sound like growing up to me.

I'm not sure if I'll ever fully mature to what people may think is a functioning adult. I will always find Family Guy hilarious and relevant, among other cartoons. Cereal is appropriate at any time of the day. Spending all day Saturday in your pajamas is completely normal. Some words will always be humourous and make me giggle....'seamen' (the Navy didn't quite think that one through did they?)

I don't think paying bills and taxes is a way to measure our maturity level. I like to think you're only as old as you feel. I should be coming up on 18 any day now...

You laughed didn't you?

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