Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Here's a few basic facts about me. I am generally a happy person. I'm not moody or dark or even that bitchy around certain times of the month. I like to laugh and joke around. Life's too short to complain or be angry at things you can't change. I'm also short. It's no secret. If you've ever stood next to me you've probably felt giant because I'm 5 foot 3, basically miniature. I also have a quiet voice. I don't like to yell. It takes a lot of effort for me to speak loudly. And, I'm a natural blonde.

I'm not sure if it's a combination of these things in particular or something else, but people tend to not take me seriously. It could also be the fact that when I tell stories or try to explain things, the word 'like' seems to take over my vocabulary. And I know it's not just me...it seems to be a trend among young people. Whether this came from the 90210 days or somewhere else but it's definitely something I am much more aware of after teaching. I am now very aware of the way I speak and I try very hard not to turn everything into a simile.

One of the reasons I really enjoy teaching is these little imperfections come out and you are forced to fix them. One of my other favourite parts of teaching is the kids take everything you say as the word of god. They take you seriously. To them, you know everything and even if you make a mistake, they forget about it 2 seconds later. Kids are the best. We could really take some pointers from these little guys.

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