Monday, November 7, 2011

Gimmie some Mo'

One of my favourite times of year is upon us. Yes, ladies and gentlemen it is that special month...Movember. The time when only the manliest of men grow ridiculous facial hair to support prostate cancer.

I'm not quite sure when my obsession started. Subconciously it had to have begun when I was young. That's probably why I enjoyed playing Super Mario Bros. so much. Mario and Luigi running around saving the Princess and squashing mushrooms. You can't get more macho than that. Or maybe it started when I realized how much fun it is to wear silly staches and make videos with your crazy friends. It's always funny. But in a serious kind of way.

But, an obsession it is. I LOVE Movember and the men that support it. All the different shapes, sizes and colours of mustaches is enough to make a girl croon/cringe. This is the time when it is acceptable and even encouraged to let the hair go.

So, ladies, I beg of you this. Don't shy away or scowl at that upper lip. Behind that hairy man is a supportive and fun loving dude. Be a Mo' Hoe. Show some love and recognize that his face has made a sacrifice for his bros. There's a reason women all over the world share a love for Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds. Obviously, it's their manly stache.
Please visit the Movember website for more information or show your support.

Separating the men from the boys one face at a time.

It's a good thing I can't grow facial hear. For everyone.

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