Friday, November 25, 2011

Jamaican me thirsty, Jamaican me crazy...Jamaican me laugh

I've just returned from a fabulous trip to Jamaica for my cousin's wedding and I know you are all jealous of my tan, beach time and adventures. I'm not gonna lie. You should be. I'm pretty brown (for me) and I spent a lot of relaxation time on beaches.

Jamaica is beautiful and the resort we stayed at was wonderful! (Iberostar Rose Hall Suites shout out and high five!) This was the first time I've been with an all inclusive package and let me tell you...they make some delicious cocktails. The bartenders do not spare on the booze.

A stop to good ol' Canadian Tire before the flight out was necessary. My Bubba and I were really tight all 5 days and he kept my drink cold and strong the entire time. I highly recommend purchasing one for your all inclusive needs.

The atmosphere in Jamaica is completely relaxed ("ya mon") and everything really is "no problem". Well that is until our family shows up.

Trying to leave the restaurant with a plate in hand. Problem

Trying to eat at the buffet with no shoes. Problem

Leaving a show with glass cups. Problem.

Walking into the more expensive hotel attached to your own. Problem. (Except if you're walking the bride back to her room. We are very good babysitters and smooth talkers).

Dancing on the dance floor with drinks in your hand. Problem. (Although to be fair...we did break some glasses and an announcement had to be made and the glass area cautioned off.) Oops!

We are such a bunch of trouble makers.

We really only had time to do one excursion while we were there. So we hired our taxi driver from the airport to take us to Negril. 'Oneness' (Del Roy) drove us and educated us along the way to the white sand beaches and shopping of Negril. After playing in the water and along the beach we headed to Rick's Cafe for apparently one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. While there, some of us decided to partake in a little cliff diving. Resulting in some mean bruises along my legs.

I needed brave cuz Lolo to hold my hand on the way down. Note: before you jump 40ft, don't look down.

We sat and ate and enjoyed the lovely sunset (although I must say, the Grand Bend sunset is pretty spectacular too).

It was such a memorable holiday with a beautiful wedding to boot! Drinking, dancing, eating, laughing...too much fun!

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